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Ancient Greek, Greek Texts / 29.07.2019

Introduction: In this translation piece Sabidius returns to Homer, whose last translated passage, the "Iliad" Book III, he published on 16 December 2012. Previous to that, he had published translations of the "Iliad" Book I on 12 March 2010 and Book VI on 5 June 2012 (See Book II of the "Iliad" commences with Zeus' plan to punish Agamemnon for his mistreatment of Achilles. He sends a false dream, in the apparent shape of Nestor, King of Pylos, Agamemnon's most trusted senior adviser, to assure him that...

Ancient History / 18.06.2019

(N.B. This story is dedicated to Hector and Wilbur Metcalfe.) Chapter 1. Lucius and Marcus wake up. One summer morning, in the year 3 B.C., that is seven hundred and fifty years after the foundation of Rome, twelve year old Lucius awakes in his bedroom in a comfortable mansion in the High Street, which runs through the north-west of the city towards the famous Colline Gate. It is still dark, but Lucius has woken in response to a gentle nudge from the family servant Daedalus, who is carrying...

Poetry / 05.01.2019

Bridget you are my darling, Bridget you are my wife, O you are such an angel that you wholly light up my life. When you walk in the room, I am filled with delight, For your smile is so cheerful and your eyes are so bright, That I can think of nothing that I more want to see Than the face of that sweetheart who is always with me....